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all about Barre

What is “Barre”?

Barre is the perfect low-impact, high-intensity full body workout that combines strength training, dancer-style conditioning, and pilates & yoga-inspired movements. Barre movements simultaneously strengthen and lengthen your muscles, increasing muscle tone, flexibility, posture, & balance. The unique blend of movements may also reduce stress & tension. Barre can be done with or without an actual ballet bar and typically includes the use of a small stability ball, light hand weights, and resistance bands. All fitness levels are welcome, no experience needed! 

Is "Barre" an effective workout?

Barre exercises work your muscles eccentrically (lengthening), rather than concentrically (shortening) like traditional strength training. Barre is low-impact but high-intensity, meaning we can get the same results as other exercise methods with light weight or bodyweight by executing movements through their full range of motion, pulsing, and static (isometric) holds. This method brings the muscles to fatigue (it's normal for your muscles to shake or twitch in barre, just embrace it!), which causes changes in body composition and muscle tone over time. This low-impact method is also easier on our joints!

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